Sunday, November 4, 2007

The good old days 似曾相識

1972 Junior Champion
Back row from left: 唐德克老師, 方林清, 林華, 黃偉明, 方志捷, 潘世德, 張木龍, 任國雄, 傅式梅校長.
Front row from left: 吳政宣, 陳士新, 刘鸿發, 林國偉, 林玉源.

Selections of our vintage but golden pictures 黃金歲月 ...


  1. Please help me fill up the names of the other 2 classmates, I'm sure some of our recruits remember these 2 lovely young ladies, please help out.

  2. Lu :
    Thank god ! You bring back the bytes which I have lost.

  3. Here is another byte rung up by my aging operating system:
    Correct me if I'm wrong, 麥玉蓮 has a cousin 蘇水運 who was also in our class up to 8A, both were originally from 6D with David & I. 水運 was a tan skin happy fellow always carried a big grin ( just like 玉蓮 ), he left CheeYung after 8A and ran his family soya bean products business, I had the opportunity attending a Xmas party in his place with 方林清, 吳政宣, 顏漢基 & 黃慧雯 in grade 10:
    ' Those were the days my friend, we thought they'd never end, we sing and dance, la la la la la...'

  4. 燕子去了,有再來的時候;楊柳枯了,有再青的時候;我們在知用美 麗的 日子為什麼一去不復返呢?是那年的夏天,我們匆匆地離開了知用母 校。我們收穫了知識的果實,帶著畢業的喜悅,戀戀不捨地告別老師 和同學、告別甜蜜多夢的校園. 說一聲祝福:只要你過得比我好. 道一聲珍重:沙扬娜拉.

  5. Hi All,

    The most beatiful teacher is Lam Chi Anh.

    Ta Tu Tho

  6. Hi, 謝兄:

    多謝指教,我是盧國樑,I admin this website,請問您是我們的昔日同學嗎?可以給我們知道您的大名嗎?

  7. Hi alu,

    My Chinese very limit; so why don't we get in touch any times. I knew Tran Tieu Chau in picture #10, she's my little sister classmate and her name is Ta Tu Lan. My father is Ta A Doan teach in Tri Dung for years. And if you or I wish to find some of my friend in Tri Dung.
    I'm probably three years older than you. By the way Lam Chi Anh is my Cousin.

  8. 原來是謝老師的公子,失敬。多謝指點。

  9. Hey,
    If I knew that could happen I might stay after 6th grade. Ha! Ha!

  10. 2nd right got to be 林有, if searched memory right. Got to realize it's 40+ year.

  11. Thanks Ban, it seems your RAM & disk are in good condition.

  12. Thanks Ban, your RAM & disk seem to be still in good condition.

  13. Recall back in elementary school time:
    六仁班有知用小學校花之說之謝麗敏 or just 謝敏, 乃謝榮之侄女 that 清源 and I used to hang around outside 六仁班. Anyone knows where 謝敏 is now please flag.
    Because back in 78 refugee camp time in Philippines where spent almost 6 months, gate was wide open for everyone to go in & out to Manila anytime, I spent most of my time in 敏 sister home till departure, who married to a native with 2 boys. She had taken good care of me might be my family requested a big favor from her I guessed. I lost 敏 sister address that I feel so sorry what an idiot I am all this time. I think if I find 謝敏 I shall be able to locate her sister, it is pay back time. Me, mess things up all the time that I wish like you said my drive is still functioning.

    1. Ban, check this out:

    2. Tried and recognize reaching considered high profile is no easy. Move on.

    3. Tried but with no response. Could be a big mistake on identity between 麗敏 and 敏.

  14. 轉錄黃祖瑞老師的來函如下:
    ( ** Everyone please mark your calendar and hopefully see you all in Los Angeles 2013. 我們向來都是聽從老師教導的好學生,right? ** )
    From: michelle wong
    Sent: May 12, 2012 1:00 AM
    To: Tai Lu
    Subject: Re: 敬呈 黃祖瑞老師 - from your student in 1969

    國樑同學, 你好! 很高興收到你的郵件,非常有紀念價值,剛好今年我們校友會的年刊需要徵求以前校園團體合照相片,我會將此郵件轉寄給照片負責人,如果需要,他們會直接聯絡你,請你盡可能幫忙他們,謝謝!



  15. 黃祖瑞老師是已故黃世明老師的女兒,也是我們 6D 班的英語啟蒙老師。

    當年 6D 班的成員有:李春友、麥玉蓮、蘇美珍、蘇美珠、范曰娟、林國偉、林玉源、蘇水運、蘇炳文、黃偉明、劉鴻發、謝志權、潘心棠、鄧兆雄、李勤生和我等等。。。都是從其他小學畢業後轉校到知用的。

    第二年升中二,一部分同學包括我在內才被分配到 7A,從此百花齊放,the rest is history.....

  16. I hope I can find some old photos to show to you all. The old photos always bring me back to my childhood - the good old days, no sadness , only fun !