Wednesday, May 13, 2009

General Motors

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Price:   $1.00 may be

April 2009, 2 cultural broadcast stations in southern Ontario were sold for $1 each, if the current trend of this recession continues, you may be able to buy this American legacy auto giant for the same price...

== Toronto Star news on May 13, 2009 ==
DETROIT – Shares of General Motors Corp. plunged 20 per cent to a 76-year low yesterday, a day after a group of executives disclosed they had sold shares in the struggling automaker. Ford Motor Co. also tumbled, with shares dropping more than 17 per cent – the most since November.
Six of GM's executives, led by former vice-chair and product chief Bob Lutz, said Monday they had sold almost $315,000 (U.S.) in stock and liquidated their remaining direct holdings in the car maker.
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  1. In less than 19 months GM has gone from almost zip to near US $34.00 (Listed on NYSX, Dec.20 2010) today since back to the market not long ago, make me wonder whether the entire ordeal was just staged, no wonder so many poor fellows jumped off the bridge! >_<