Monday, March 8, 2010




  1. This isn't a video, it's a PowerPoint .pps file (as shown on the file title below the cover image), regrettably you CAN NOT play .pps directly over the web here, please right click on the cover image above and choose 'Save target as...', when the 'File Download/Save As' window opens, click the button 'Save as type:' just below the file name to change the file type from 'InterVideo Media File(*.mpeg)' to 'All Files(*.*)', rename the file name to 'whatever.pps', then save the file locally on your own computer and enjoy...

    (Please do not bother with Apple Quick Time, that instruction is from for playing real video, this .pps file isn't a video.)

  2. Lu,

    I couldn't open and play the video. When I clicked on it, it displayed the "QuickTime" symbol with a question mark and stopped. I then installed QuickTime on my PC but the same happened. I tried IE and Firefox and both had the same problem!


  3. Sorry. I didn't read your comments. I then saved the files and rename to *.pps, then clicked open in Power Points and it played.

  4. No problem buddy, I knew you would eventually figured out ^o^