Friday, March 25, 2011

Hazards of Storing Spent Fuel - Mess in JP
In case you're still puzzled by the fact that a simple cooling process failure can cause such a mess in Japan, take a look at this 6 steps illustration from NY Times:


  1. Jap build nuke power plants have the best of every aspects accounted for feasibility, efficiency, safety, technology, control…etc than any nations on earth. They did the right thing not to listen to non-sense. If they can’t save the plant, who can? All others are such a joke.

    Only trust source shall come from the Jap if they really want to share.

  2. Ever heard of WWII would of to be rewritten if the German discovered heavy water before their opponents. Deuterium dioxide was found in Sweden, the physicist later came over to uncle Sam to deliver fat boy to Jp, the race of 2nd excellence on earth.

  3. This interactive web may sum up the process involved:
    Interactive: 2011 Japan Nuclear Disaster