Tuesday, April 24, 2012

List of Refugee Camps in late 70's to 80's

踏浪而來的老友,you can check out your journey from this remarkable website.

(This website is maintained by my VT268 boatmate Ms. Anna Bui who had retired from UPS USA and travelled to many ex-refugee camps, Anna has been dedicating her time to establish an heritage archive for all VN refugees in late 70's to 80's; alive or perished.)

(Photo of VT268 docked in Pulau Tengah -- map -- Pulau Tengah today )

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  1. The Pulau Babi Tengah island which housed the Pulau Tengah refugee camp has become a resort.
    Batu Batur Resort in Pulau Tengah, Malaysia
    Jack, Winston, are you interested?