Wednesday, May 23, 2012

2012 Dan's Sydney Trip

Thank you for dinner. ---posted by 黃有為

Dan & family arrived at Sydney Airport on Sunday 6th of May 2012. Winston & I were supposed to pick them up from the Airport but I was caught up elsewhere so they took a taxi instead (Winston was for them). After a late lunch, we walked a short distance on the Eastern Suburbs Coastal Walk near Maroubra beach then drove to La Perouse to see sunset but missed it! We saw "moon rise" instead.
Day 2: Winston took them to down town Sydney for the icons: Opera House, Habour Bridge & Sydney Tower.
Day 3: The Trieus by themselves catching bus and ferry ride to Toronga Zoo and Manly beach (Northern beaches)
Day 4: Olympic Park in the morning then the young ones went to Bondi beach for surfing lesson while Winston took the parents for Asian Communities tour.
Day 5: Jenolan Caves and Katoomba (Blue Mountain)
Day 6: Canberra (Australian Capital territory)
Day 7: Flew home after early Yum Cha.


  1. Most of the photos were from my camera apart from the first 2 in the restaurant, that why they started from day 5 of their trip. We met with Tran Hue Huong unexpectedly at a Thai restaurant on Thursday night, the photo is in Joe's (Dan's son) camera. All in all, Dan managed to see all the class mates in our email circle.

  2. Hi Paul, you are quick, are you still in?

  3. Vi, great to see your mom & dad, they look superb!
    ( I'm a big fan of your dad's hair style! )

  4. Thanks for sharing, I have a feeling like I was on the trip with your family too ! Sweet family !

  5. Thanks for sharing. I have a feeling like I was on the trip with your family looking through all these 42 photos one after the other,

    I happened to have picked the photo with only 3 people earlier, so I deleted it and picked another photo to add a comment.

  6. Thanks. We are really graceful that they are still healthy and mobile.

  7. Can you recall 6th grade we were 3rd row from left to right as 有為、國強、清源 then me. Well! great pictures.
    Grad Photo, me, top row 2nd left.

  8. 6th grade ! That was my first year at Tri Dung. Everyone was new to me. I was totally nervous and a little bit shocked. I couldn't remember the boys's faces, I could only remember some girls's.

  9. Hi Ban, which one is you in our 6th grade graduation photo, Old trieu was the very last one on the left front row, "Chin Uyen" was next to me then Diep Man Hoa..

    That's what I thought.

  10. Dear Vi, please forward the link of this post to me if you'd like to resurrect it, thanks.