Saturday, April 13, 2002

Chi 莫瑩芝 & Lu 盧國樑

Sunrise or sunset? It all depends which side on Earth you're watching from...

We're 莫瑩芝 & 盧國樑 while in CheeYung.
Living in Toronto Canada, warm hearts in cold place.
Posted is our journey together on this gorgeous blue planet, please enjoy...
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  1. 顏漢基, remember the 6th grade me, Ban. Are you Chairman M related? Really look a like. Should kick around in Beijing. Just kidding.

  2. Hey Jean, do you still remember this T shirt? 老朋友留給我的紀念品

  3. " Tout est bien qui finit bien " , All is well that ends well.

    I don't know whether I am right on this one. It has been a long time without learning either French or English, I have been busy with works at salon and my own projects .