Friday, June 14, 2002


( --- posted by Paul 方志捷 on Jun 14, '02 )

Since Andy mentioned that he likes desserts, if you
have a chance, try a german dessert, a cake for


  1. 容易做,好吃,試試看。If I can do it, so can you.

    Sponge Cake:

    Group Ingredients Quantity
    分組 成分 分量

    Large Egg鷄蛋,大 8隻

    Baking Powder 發(酵)粉 1 tsp
    Salt 食鹽 < ¼ tsp
    Water 水 ½ cup (This can be substituded with Orange Juice; in this case, add the shaves of an orange skin also)
    Vegetable Oil 菜油 ½ cup
    Vanilla Extract香草精 ½ tsp
    Sugar糖 1 cup

    Refined Cake Flour麵粉 1 cup

    Cream of Tartar ¼ tsp

    1. Separate egg yolks (A1) and egg whites (A2).
    2. Mix A1 with B into mixer bowl; use wire whip to mix the compound at high speed (8) until color almost turning white.
    3. Change mixer to lower speed (4) and slowly add C into mixture. Keep mixing until flour completely incorporated into mixture. Set aside (E).
    4. Mix A2 with D into mixer bowl; use wire whip to beat the egg white at high speed (8 or 9) until foamy and firm (F).
    5. Replace the wire whip with flat beater; run mixer at slow speed (1) and slowly add E into F. Mix well.
    6. Dispense final mixture into a slightly buttered baking pan. Bake at 350°F for 35~40 minutes.

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