Monday, June 1, 2009

Who Killed The Electric Car - 不可救葯

CBC aired a show that outraged many TV viewers last night, and this morning our citizens learned that our (American & Canadian) government are pumping tens of billions more to help this industry survive their self inflicted disaster, WHY???

(Alulu268's note: CBC has taken this file off-line, I had to replace all links on this page with other related info.)

(Decades later, the revenge finally came; with a Bang! Revenge of the Electric Car )


  1. O is not much different from B. He has no gut to say NO to GM and the Unions. The video is a very good documentation.

  2. According to the Toronto Star today, Ontario will lose 85,000 jobs if GM is allowed to fail in Canada, so the Fed is pumping $7.0 billions and Ontario is pouring another $3.5 billions into this GM black hole, since most of the Quebec GM plants have closed, Ontario is likely the lone province benefited from this 'deal', it works out that each of this auto sector job costs our tax payer $123,530.00.

    To be honest, I rather pay out that amount to each of our genius robotic auto workers and get out of this nightmare all together, and rid our streets of these dead-any-time-any-cause metallic wrecks.

  3. Believe it or not, I learned that a Chinese company (but not a automobile manufacturer) has agreed to puchase the HUMMER factory / production line from GM. The Chineses are not just buying American debts, but also American trash!

  4. The buyer is 腾中重工 based in 四川成都 ( ), price is estimated to be around $500 millions.

    It was the Terminator, Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger of California who persuaded the maker of Humvees, A.M. General to build a civilian version. As he recounted at a Hummer news conference in 2001, Mr. Schwarzenegger was filming a movie in Oregon in 1990 when he saw a convoy of 50 Humvees drive by and decided that he had to have a civilian model of the same vehicle, which eventually became the GM Hummer H1.

    腾中重工 has announced that they will keep developing the Hummer in US and make it more fuel efficient, take that as a big joke from a country like China where driving a monster gas guzzler is a symbol of social status supremacy, they may simply go after the sensitive technology from the Humvee, which is still the US army troop carrier on many front-lines and is essentially a military version of the Hummer H1. Personally speaking, I'd like that gas guzzling monster 'Terminated' !

  5. Decades later, the revenge finally came, with a big Bang!