Monday, June 15, 2009

妻子,情人,紅顔知已 (Wife, Lover, Soul mate)

Men love women, men also love cars, sometimes we have this mixed feeling :

1. Wife is like a family sedan, comfortable, durable, reliable, easily maintained, always ready to go distance, though she nags & mumbles once aged.
2. Lover is like a sports car, sexy looking, an ultimate pride of men. When she groans, it's heaven on Earth. But she also means high maintenance, breaks down often, and wrecks men's back over long distance cruising.
3. Soul mate is like a motorcycle, a bike makes a man out of a boy, boys're born to be wild & expressive when riding, sound of a fine-tuned bike engine is always music to young men's ears, but her charms subside once young men mature, desire for bike is often replaced by sports car.

Women shouldn't necessary be bothered by this fantasy of men, they should learn that most men can only handle motorcycle in their youth, and let's face it, most men never drive a sports car, let alone having one.

- 妻子好比家庭轎車,舒適,耐用,可靠,易於保養維修,隨時出發搭伴長途,不過用舊了總是嘮叨不休。

- 情人則好比勁辣跑車,外型性感,駕馭起來令男人引以為傲,引擎響起時簡直天上人間。可惜維修昂貴,麻煩多多,若長途御馭則慘過斷背。

- 紅顔知已就好比摩托車,可以令小男孩覺得雄姿英發,無拘無束,亦無所不談,精心調整的引擎音響總是令青少年心醉神怡。少年男孩大多有契姐契妹摩托車,但成熟之後就此情可待成追憶,往往被跑車取而代之。


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