Tuesday, December 7, 2010

2010 an even shorter trip to Shanghai

The maglev train from Pudong airport. 300km/hr.

(---posted by Vi 黃有為 on Dec 7, '10 )
This was a business trip. The company was in market for 4 X 10,000 litres S/S food grade mixing tanks, we went to Shanghai to assess the quality of the workmanship before placing the order. Our contact has a joint venture factory in Suzhou, we stayed at Suzhou over the weekend, visited an old town on Sunday. The first "house" we visited belonged to a wealthy family where the last generation of owner was a former treasurer of the "Nationalist" government in the early days. His surname is Yen ("salt" not meaning just the sound in Cantonese).


  1. You caught the right moment on these gold fish.

  2. Must have been a corrupted 'Treasurer' capable to afford this house ^o^

  3. Difference is like sky & earth.

  4. Dear Vi, please forward the link of this post to me if you'd like to resurrect it, thanks.