Tuesday, December 21, 2010

冬至的月蝕 Lunar eclipse in the night of winter solstice 2010-12-21

Early this morning, Chi set our alarm to 2:00am so on this frigid December morning of 2010, we sat on our front porch, watching the Moon slowly turned into a dark orange.
Lunar eclipse occurred on the same night as the winter solstice doesn’t happen very often, NASA says that last time the two events coincided was in 1638; 372 years ago.
Hopefully another 372 years into the future we can watch it together again.
但願人長久,千里共嬋娟。。。。。[ 蘇軾 ]

(Our point & shoot camera failed to turn up decent pictures of the eclipse, so I borrow the one published by Toronto Star.)


  1. Well, for the next come around and be together, you better put your kids to be either medical doct or bio-chemist and help everyone of us out. Ban.

  2. Hope we won't turn into Frankenstein then! Ha-ha!