Saturday, January 8, 2011

Those Were The Days - Mary Hopkin
Many times when I felt that physical distance have our old friends drifted apart further and further...
Many times when Chi wondered why I keep working on these pages...
That's when I tune in to this one of my favourite oldies...
It's lyrics never fails to touch me and move me.
(with lyrics: )


  1. Don't feel bad. I am going to Toronto this coming June. We will be there for Pam's nephew's wedding on 6/18. Will let you know the date we could drift closer :-)

  2. Should I start seeking that same 1978 年的西貢(天南餐廳)and treat you back that inch-thick steak? ^o^

  3. I prefer light food nowadays. :-) Yes, just spread the words and see how it is the responded.

  4. 寧缺勿濫,還是請你到正版的 2011 西貢(天南餐廳)好啲。 嘿嘿!