Saturday, June 18, 2011

Movie Link
Movie Resource from Shenzhen Qvod Technology --- (posted by Ban Luu on Jun 19, '11)

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  1. Please, read for your own safe.

    Be best to partition hard drive or having an additional slave drive available.

    Download and execute Qvod program. Assign downloading file to specified partition drive or the slave drive when asks. Finish up the executed Qvod program.

    Delete “monkey head icon” application program and rest of Qvod from Shenzhen Qvod Technology, keep only “arrow play icon” ???v4.5.51 beta application through window install/uninstall from window control panel.

    Remember from time to time go to the assign download file drive/directory to delete download movie files that movies having been watched.

    Be caution not to let the Qvod program has chance to overwrite window internet explorer default home, all depend on how well we know to protect our operation system. Good luck.

    PS: May have chance our system got some overwrite issues if not protect ourselves well, but the issues may not do harm, just add us inconvenient. Execute Qvod at your own risk. Worst case goes back to our earlier operation system updates. Stupid me can figure it out, all should not have any problem.