Thursday, June 9, 2011

Voice of an angel - American little girl ‪Jackie Evancho
Watching Jackie performing with David Foster last night on TV PBS, totally stunned by her talent.

Jackie's last year performance on TV talent show:
Jackie Evancho "Pie Jesu" ~ America's Got Talent 2010


  1. My wife and I have watched Jackie's concert, she is brilliant and sweet. Thanks to David Foster who promoted her and he had done the same thing to Josh Groban who since has been doing very well. Another little girl from Philippines sang some Houston Whitney's songs was also promoted by David when she was 16, but no news since.

  2. Many of us have heard this piece times before, but seeing/hearing it from such a small frame is just plain breath-taking:
    Nessun Dorma - by Jackie Evancho