Monday, April 13, 2009

DIY----Eye Care

( --- posted by Paul 方志捷 on Apr 13, '09 )

Two ways to exercise the eyes where are the weakest part of our body and we can do it easily, any place and any time:

Way #1:
a/ close your eyes then open them widely.
b/ look up and down, look right and left.
c/ look around from right to left as the pin of the clock runs then look around from left to right.
d/ do repeatedly the above a/, b/ & c/ a few times.

Way #2:
a/ rub your both palms (hands) 36 times with force in order to have the warmth.
b/ place each of your palm (hand) onto each eye.
c/ do repeatedly a/ & b/ a few times.

I wish you and I have a good sight (a healthy pair of eyes) when we meet one day.

1 comment:

  1. way #1: I did that all the time during exam in classroom, but with my eyes open though.
    way #2: I also did that after fights, not with my palm but with hard boiled egg.
    therefore my eyes should be OK, I wish...
    ( 請一笑置之 )