Monday, April 20, 2009

Fish Sauce Preparation

( --- posted by Paul 方志捷 on Apr 20, '09 )

Many do it at home with an unsatisfied result, especially Chinese from Viet Nam, they always think that only Vietnamese restaurants can do it the best.

Here are a few steps and ingredients needed.

1/ Use yellow crystal rock sugar instead of sugar.
2/ In order to infuse the crystal rock sugar, hot water can make it fast that shall go chemistry with garlic or juice of garlic.
3/ It is suggested to use very limited water (only the said hot water) but juice of lemon.

If you want to be certified, call me when you prepare a Vietnamese meal, I come over.

PS: This is a French woman's recipes.


  1. Paul has a believer in me, I had the fortune to have tried his lady's VN dishes, truly VN restaurant's grade.

  2. Thank You ! Paul
    Definitely ,I will try it