Monday, April 20, 2009

EOS Rebel T1i

Category:Computers & Electronics
Product Type: Digital Cameras
Manufacturer:  Canon
if you're like me who've been waiting for a consumer grade D-SLR capable to take both high grade still photo & HD video, now you have it, the best from both worlds:
( and you don't have to rob a bank or wait to be bailed out to get it. I'm cutting down my coffee and hopefully one day... )
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  1. $900.00 suggested retail price, too deep into my pocket.

  2. well, I figure that if one cuts off 2 cups of 星吧克 (Starbucks) a day, that is 5$ or 25$ a week, in 36 week or 9 months, he'll have got himself a great camera for his loved ones and this beautiful Earth, if add on those happy-hour drinks, it may take as little as 3 months, specially by ridding off caffeine & alcohol, hey! one may even become a Saint !
    on a side note, by cutting down on local product & buying foreign goods, you demonstrate your determination on Anti-Economic Protectionism and help out the recovery of this global recession ^o^

  3. 你是否說/提意我要帶髮修行九個月以換來相機一部? No coffee for 9 months, are you kidding? I rather just use my $200 Kodak.

  4. 魚與熊掌,各適其適。舉凡陰盛則陽衰,陽昌則陰竭,唯取之平衡,方受其惠,此太極之道。君習之經年,果然深曉個中精義,求知而致用,佩服! 佩服!

  5. My old one came to rest in peace few months ago so I had the perfect reason to look for a replacement, but the playing field has expanded since I posted the review above, now Nikon has a D5000 which is matching the Canon features to features but with a flexible LCD.
    ( )

    I told Chi about your comments and since she's way better than me in 太極 so I ended up getting a cute little Canon SD960, it takes decent pics and 1280x720 HD video easily without human brain intervention, so it fits me >_<
    ( check out a video clip that I took with this SD960: )
    ( )